MaxCrop Farm Canada Inc. is in the business of producer partnerships. We are a farmland husbandry company in direct primary production, processing and exporting. Our relationships allow for new market opportunities for your production and our financial models allow producers to capture goodwill in their operations where currently they have none.

Why Maxcrop

  • Land rental opportunities
  • Lease terms 3-5 years available
  • Direct investment and joint venture opportunities
  • Crop production and export marketing opportunities

Maxcrop Farm Canada Inc.

  • Primary Production
  • Data Management
  • Equipment
  • Agronomic Expertise

Agriculture News

  • Farmland values soaring, for now - Jan 2011
  • Land values set to increase across the global, according to analysts - Jan 2011
  • Farmland is an attractive long-term investment for funds - Jan 2011